non-profit organization Dedicated to education, entertainment, and Community engagement through pop culture



The purpose of Lubbock-Con Ventures is to provide opportunities for education, entertainment, and engagement related to popular culture in West Texas and the surrounding areas. To meet this purpose, Lubbock-Con Ventures will:


Plan and execute conventions, expositions, performances, panel discussions, presentations, and other events to entertain, educate, and engage the community in popular culture.


Foster awareness, inspiration, and appreciation for multiple fandoms and hobby related organizations, lifestyles, and industries.


Provide members, as individuals and groups, with meaningful community engagement and outreach opportunities to encourage interactions and relationship building with diverse populations and organizations in West Texas.


Encourage member development through mentoring, working cooperatively, and building relationships for personal growth and to further the reach of Lubbock-Con Ventures.


Our Largest Annual Event

Lubbock-Con 2020

February 2020