What is Lubbock-Con?

Lubbock-Con, at its center, is an annual fan community convention held in Lubbock, TX, but at its heart it’s so much more.

Lubbock-Con’s Origin Story

In 2015, a diverse group of fans were brought together by the idea that Lubbock needed more opportunities for its numerous fandom groups to gather and celebrate their love for pop culture, comics, gaming, Sci-fi, anime, costuming, and more.  What started out with the simple idea of holding an annual convention quickly grew into a non-profit organization, Panhandle Pop Culture Ventures, which now hosts fan-centric workshops and activities, as well as, participates in an assortment of community outreach events year round.

2015 Kickstarter T-Shirts

Lubbock-Con now serves as both Panhandle Pop Cultures Ventures public persona and its largest fundraising event. During its first year, the organization viewed most of the smaller events leading up to the 2016 convention as a means to spread the word to help get Lubbock-Con off the ground. Since then, Panhandle Pop Culture Ventures has shifted its year round programming to incorporate more community building and educational events, such as artist and cosplay workshops. The organization now views the annual convention as an opportunity to say thank you to the community that has supported it so passionately.

First Volunteer Recruitment Dinner

The first Lubbock-Con was held on February 20th, 2016 to a tremendous success with nearly 3,000 people attending the one day show. It has now grown into a two day event with an even larger event area. It’s Lubbock-Con’s belief that the convention is truly about the community that participates in it and strives to make artists, vendors, panelists, contestants and attendees, all feel like they’re the special guests at the show. Community created, content driven programming, multiple panel rooms, activity areas and contests fills up the show’s floor and schedule while providing Lubbock with a weekend of fun and memorable experiences.

Organization Members and Community Supporters at Lubbock-Con 2016