The Organization/PPCV

Lubbock-Con is the endeavor of a local non-profit organization, Panhandle Pop Culture Ventures (PPCV). PPCV was established in 2015 by a group of fans, from the Lubbock area, hoping to cultivate and connect the fandom communities here in Lubbock.  Through those connections, they hoped to build a large multi-genre, pop culture community with year round activities.

PPCV Board 2016

PPCV’s mission is to develop and sustain community awareness for alternative arts and creativity in West Texas and the surrounding areas, through conventions, expositions, performances, panel discussions, and presentations, among other media. Through these activities, PPCV will foster awareness and appreciation for multiple fan and hobby related organizations, lifestyles, and industries.

PPCV Board and Staff 2017

Panhandle Pop Culture Ventures has a large group of passionate people behind it, including an actively involved Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Event Committee.