Local Spotlights

Social Media Spotlight:

Follow the Twins as they officially live stream from Lubbock-Con 2019 on their various streaming platforms to see all the fun they get into at the event! Check them out on these social media platforms: Vine/insta/Tik Tok /liveme/youtube: The Rodriguez Twins.

Cosplay Spotlight:

Prepare for trouble and make it double with this cosplay duo of Violetta Cosplay & Playswith Squirrels! Come by and see them at Booth H-2!

Cosplay Spotlight:

Alonzo “ZoHdz” is a cosplay and prop maker with an insatiable desire to create. He received an award for best craftmanship at LubbockCon 2018! Come see him at booth H-3 at Lubbock-Con 2019!