Artists and Cosplayers

Calling All Artists and Cosplayers!

Lubbock-Con volunteer artists and cosplayers can be found out in the community participating in local events, like Free Comic Day, Movie Premieres, the Lubbock Arts Festival, and the 4th on Broadway Parade. We are also often contacted by other organizations and local businesses that are hoping to connect with the artist and cosplay communities in order to have them attend and participate at their events. Our Artist and Cosplay Liaisons serve as a central contact for both those who want to get involved and those requesting our presence at events. If these type of volunteer opportunities interest you, please fill out the contact form that corresponds to your interest to get in touch with one of our liaisons.

Have Questions? Contact our Artist Liaison or Cosplay Liaison for more information.

Having trouble? To access the form directly, click here for artist and here for cosplay.