2018 Miss Lubbock-Con

Miss Lubbock-Con is a pageant-style competition. Participants will compete for the title for each of the seven categories (Fantasy, Sci-fi, Anime, Comics, Gaming, Steampunk, and Horror), with one overall winner. Each participant will attempt a series of challenges from trivia to Blast-a-Trooper.



  1. Talk Nerdy to Me
    1. Contestants will strut their stuff as we read off their “about me” section on their application
  2. Impressions
    1. Contestants will draw from a bucket an impression to interpret
    2. Go down the line, contestants will draw, and then start at the beginning again to perform impression
  3. Trivia
    1. 5 Questions for all three contestants in each category
    2. If all three contestants are unable to answer there will be an opportunity for other participants to steal
  4. Blast-a-Trooper
    1. All three contestants will shot a Stormtrooper at once
  5. Best Pick-Up Line
    1. Your way of winning over the hearts of the judges

To enter, be sure to fill out the entry form at the Information Table before 3:00pm Sunday and arrive at the Banquet Hall by 3:30pm! Contest begins at 4:00pm Sunday!